Starting a New Chapter

In the Wisconsin Technology and Engineering state standards, as adopted by State Superintendent Tony Evers in 2013, it says;  “SkillsUSA is the student organization for middle and high school technology and engineering education programs as recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.”  SkillsUSA is an intra-currilcular technology and engineering organization.  The venn diagram below shows the importance of having SkillsUSA as a leadership (soft skills) development component, in addition to academics and work based learning.  This language, and more, is on page 31 in the following section
SkillsUSA Venn Diagram

What Will SkillsUSA Cost A Student 2017-18

Chartering your Chapter

Chapters shall apply through the State Director for affiliation with the Wisconsin Association of SkillsUSA. Forms will be provided by SkillsUSA (below). Such applications shall have all required signatures.

The following materials shall accompany the application for chapter charter:
a) A copy of the annual program of work (your chapters plan)

Example of a Program of Work Layout

 b) A list of members  Membership Roster

Or register directly online at: SkillsUSA Membership Login

c) A list of chapter officers

d) A copy of the local constitution Local Constitution

e) Application for Chapter Charter Chapter Charter - Form9

Please submit all materials for a chapter charter to:
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Attn: Brent Kindred, SkillsUSA State Director
P.O. Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841

After the necessary documentation is received, it will be approved. Presentation of the official chapter charter will take place at the annual State Leadership and Skills Conference.