SkillsUSA Week 2023

SkillsUSA Week is February 8-12, 2023 

SkillsUSA Week gives Wisconsin technology education teachers/advisors and student members the opportunity to promote SkillsUSA programs in your school and community.

During SkillsUSA week, you can also help raise awareness of SkillsUSA. This can be accomplished through field trips to local businesses, an open house for parents or industry partners, a visit to local community organizations to make a brief presentation about SkillsUSA, or providing news releases and public service announcements to local media outlets for possible distribution.

Proclamation from State Superintendent, Carolyn Stanford Taylor SkillsUSA Proclamation

Chapter Ideas for Celebrating SkillsUSA Week
There are lots of ways to celebrate SkillsUSA Week.  Some local chapters plan a different activity for each day of the week, while others pick one day and hold one or two events. Start planning well before SkillsUSA Week to organize any special events.  Here are some sample activities you might consider:

Make a school announcement about SkillsUSA Week and any special activities you have planned (over PA or school television station).  Hang SkillsUSA signs or banners throughout the school.  Hold a poster or photo contest with prizes.  Deliver PSAs to local radio or television stations.  Provide news releases and photographs to the school or local newspaper.  Make a bulletin board or display about SkillsUSA for a school hallway.  Set up a SkillsUSA information table in the school cafeteria or at the mall to tell people about the program. Invite the press to attend any events you plan during the week and let them know who to contact for more information.

TUESDAY – SkillsUSA Advisor Appreciation Day
Make the instructors who support your program feel special by bringing them a corsage, a special bag lunch, or host a lunch through the culinary program.  Or, deliver cookies and a thank you note to instructors who support the program.  Formally recognize the principal of your school with a certificate of appreciation and an honorary membership in SkillsUSA.  Principals are vital in supporting your SkillsUSA chapter.

WEDNESDAY – Advocacy Day
This is an excellent time to make the community and business leaders in your community aware of your SkillsUSA chapter.  Request a Proclamation from the Mayor, City Council, Board of Supervisors or School Board and ask if your local SkillsUSA officers can be present at an upcoming meeting to receive it.  Invite local business, community and industry leaders to a chapter meeting to hear a presentation.  Or, host an open house to showcase chapter activities and make short presentations in each program. Invite parents, community leaders, business and industry representatives, and middle school or elementary students who might be interested in technical career paths.  Visit a local elementary or middle school and talk about career and technical programs.  Use our Media Guide to find your local media outlets.

THURSDAY – Leadership Through Service Day
Conduct a community service activity to bring greater awareness to your program.  Visit a nursing home to provide services to the residents, hold a car care clinic, donate toys or other items to a local shelter or children’s floor at a hospital.  Conduct a clean up/early spring landscape program at your school.  Offer to paint a mural at a day care center.

FRIDAY – Wear Red Day
Encourage all members to wear SkillsUSA t-shirts, polo shirts or SkillsUSA official attire.  Or, just tell everyone to wear a red shirt and give out stickers to members that say Ask Me Why I Am Wearing Red to put on their shirts.  When asked, members can explain about SkillsUSA and that red is the color of our official blazer.

Involvement in activities such as these brings positive recognition to your SkillsUSA chapter.  It also underscores the importance of SkillsUSA’s purposes and mission, which is to help prepare America’s high performance workers in public career and technical programs.

This is a sample SkillsUSA Week School Announcement to use at your school.