Annual Chapter Fee

In the early 2000’s the two full-time technology and engineering positions at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction were decreased to one position.  In response to delineating and continual budget contraction, the need for high quality delivery of SkillsUSA service and activities, and how they relate to technology and engineering education, became clear.  In response to this need, a group of stakeholders (including advisors) made the decision to create an additional avenue of funding to help off-set the cost of additional personnel to provide service to our members and chapters.  This funding has become a vital part of SkillsUSA Wisconsin, ensuring service and event coordination for Wisconsin.

Purpose of the Annual Chapter Affiliation Fee
To provide service to members and chapters.

Coordination of state level events and conferences;
•welding challenge
•fall leadership conference
State officer team support

Local chapter support
Local advisor support

Funding for SkillsUSA Wisconsin (updated 10/2022)
Since SkillsUSA Wisconsin is not solely supported by government funding, it is vital that individual SkillsUSA Wisconsin chapters are committed to supporting SkillsUSA Wisconsin.  To help supplement the expenses of this high quality service, the SkillsUSA Wisconsin affiliation fee is currently $250.00 per chapter for high schools.  At this time, middle schools and first year chapters are exempt from paying an affiliation fee.  The affiliation fee is due by November 1st for the calendar year. 

SkillsUSA Wisconsin Affiliation Fee Use

Educational Materials
Office Supplies
Payroll Taxes

An affiliation fee invoice is sent to chapters at the beginning of each school year.