Chapter Fundraising

Fundraising is a key part of the SkillsUSA program of work. Without funds, it is difficult to conduct most activities. In addition to helping to finance the local chapter, a fundraising activity can also provide many valuable learning experiences for students. From project management to forecasting profits, setting timelines, working in teams and being accountable for results, fundraising teaches many skills that will be needed on the job and in life. 
To start, your chapter officers should work with you to determine a SkillsUSA budget for the school year to cover the costs of chapter activities, travel to competitions, official attire or contest uniforms, curriculum, equipment or other chapter materials. Next, determine what portion of the budget can be provided through student payment, a student activity fee or department/school funding. The balance can then be raised through fundraising activities. Review your organization budget with your principal to be sure it aligns with school policy and procedure.

Student participation is an important factor in the management of money that will be raised for their benefit. Fundraising ideas should be approved by the whole chapter. And, all funds raised should benefit those students currently enrolled in your programs.

Informational flyer with FUNDRAISING Ideas

Chapter Fundraising Pamphlet

Great American Opportunities, Supporting Local Chapters in Their Fundraising Endeavors

Great American OpportunitiesWe are excited to announce that a new company is stepping up to the plate to assist chapters in satisfying their need for successful fundraising programs. Great American Opportunities (GAO) will provide great program options, featuring exceptional values for consumers through discount cards branded exclusively for SkillsUSA. The GAO sales force, more than 350 fundraising professionals across the nation, will offer local support to ensure a successful campaign. GAO will be connecting directly with chapters to ensure quality customer service and support. If you have questions, please contact Tom Marcinko (

Country Meats Fundraiser (