Regional Competitions

2021 SkillsUSA Wisconsin Virtual Regional Opening Ceremonies


SkillsUSA Wisconsin offers many opportunities for growth through competitions, including regional events.  Regional events are a great way for students to continue to hone their skills after district events (take place in early December), and leading up to the State Leadership and Skills Conference.    Students can register for ONE Skilled, ONE Leadership, and ONE Occupational/Misc event as long as the contest times do not conflict. 


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Below are the regional location and dates around the state:
Registration is $15 for each adviser and student. All advisors, competitors, and observers must register for each event. 

Regional will be one virtual event the week of March 8th.

Contest Category
3D Printing Occupational
Advertising Design Occupational
Architectural Drafting Skilled
Cabinetmaking (Pending) Skilled
CNC Milling Specialist Skilled
CNC Turning Specialist Skilled
Community Service MS & HS Leadership
Electronics Technology Skilled
Information Technology Services Skilled
Job Interview – MS & HS Leadership
Job Skill Demonstration Open – MS & HS Leadership
Medical Math Occupational
Medical Terminology Occupational
Pin Design MS & HS Leadership
Prepared Speech MS & HS Leadership
Related Technical Math Occupational
Team Engineering Challenge – MS & HS Skilled
Welding Skilled
Welding Sculpture Skilled

2021 Updated and Files (updated 3-9-21)

Below are some updated that I have for the upcoming regional event. I will send more details tomorrow but technical chairs have the students and your emails and will be communicated directly to you.  Always feel free to reach out and I will try and help.

  • All Students will need to submit resume – have contestant number instead of name. Contestant numbers will be emailed to advisors on Friday.  
  • All contests will follow SkillsUSA attire
  • All contests will follow the same time standards outlined in Technical Standards unless indicated differently directly form contest chair


CNC Milling – See below

CNC Turing – See below

Community Service and Entrepreneurship – Student will need to email pdf of projects by 5pmon Books due 3/9 by 5pm, Interviews 3/10 & 3/11 after 5:45 pm

Job Interview – Students will receive and email tomorrow to sign up for a time slot for scheduled interview.  I will email blank application to advisor and student on Monday with instruction on how much time and where to email to with resume by 5pm.  Interview will be done via zoom and link will provided on Tuesday.  Students will be applying for a customer service positions.

Job Skills Demonstration Open – students will be asked to record their demonstration along with the 3 questions (below) answered within 5 minutes to be asked by proctor at the end of presentation.  Recording must be done in one take with no editing.  Use WeTranfer to send final video to and copy your advisor.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your project?
  2. What is the greatest challenge with this project
  3. How can you use these skills of this project in your everyday life?

Pin Design – students will email find design in format outlined in technical standards.   A photo of the display needs to be emailed, on Monday advisor and student will receive some questions that will needed to be recorded and sent via WeTransfer, as well as, pdf of resume, and photo of display.   Student may choose to show display in video with answers to questions in lieu of photo.  You may use display in when answering your questions.

  1. Describe how your design fits with this year’s SkillsUSA theme

Prepared Speech – students will need to record their Prepared Speech based off of this year’s theme.  Contest attire will be scored, pdf of resume and recording can be sent via WeTransfer to, and you advisor no later than Wednesday, March 10th 5:00pm. Recording cannot be edited and needs to be in one file.

Medical Terminology, Medical Math and Related Technical Math – on Monday, March 8th students will receive a link to an online testing programs that they will take their timed test.  Only a scientific calculated maybe used for this test.  No notes may be used.   Students will get only one try on test.   Photo of student in contest attire will needs to be emailed with a pdf of students resume.

Welding – see sheet attached

Additional FAQ

  1. Is welding a timed event? If so, how long and can it be split into multiple days or does it all have to be done in the same day, start to stop with no brakes? Students will have 4 projects – student will get 40 min each for 3 projects and the 4th will get 30 min.
  2. When will the prints be sent out? Yes emailed on Monday
  3. Can the students see the prints ahead of time? No.
  4. Do they only get one set of metal parts or can they have extra pieces? School will have to supply materials, on the attached list.  One set of materials.
  5. The metal listed is very thick. Can spray transfer and pulse be used in GMAW? GMAW spray or short circuit should keep the playing field level.  Not everyone has pulse.
  6. Will the knowledge exam be scheduled at a specific time, or can we schedule it a convenient time for the student? By all means, make it convenient.
  7. Does the knowledge exam need to be taken in the same time frame as the skill demos? No, again, make it convenient for the student’s schedule.  Once the exam is started, please have them finish it in the same sitting.
  8. The document states, “Upload one file with all contestant’s one-page resumes and include detailed pictures of each weldment skill demo.” (4 demos 4 pages)  It also states that the max size should be 5 pages.  Is it safe to assume that I would need one five page document for each student that I have enrolled in the contest? You assume correctly.
  9. Are they allowed to use grinders to fix mistakes? Yes
  10. Are the welds allowed to be cleaned up with a wire wheel for pictures? Absolutely.  They are much easier to see if they are cleaned up.


Welding Sculpture

Scoring Rubric Google Forms
Participant Guide Google Document

Contest Matrix Details 2021
3D Printing and Design for 2021 SkillsUSA WI Virtual Regional
Medical Math details 2021
Information Technology Service Email to students
Advertising Design Contests Details Virtual Regional 2021
Electronics Technology Contest Virtual Regional 2021
CNC Milling Contest Information
2021 CNC MillingProctor Acknowledgement
CNC Turning Contest Information
CNC Turning Proctor Acknowledgement
2021 CNC Turning
2021 Welding Sculpture
Welding Sculpture Proctor Acknowledgement
Welding Sculpture Contest Information
Related Technical Math Formula 2021 Regional
SkillsUSA Uniform Poster

UW-Stout Skills USA Welding Competition 2021.pdf