State Superintendent’s SkillsUSA Advisory Council

The purpose of State Superintendent’s SkillsUSA Advisory Council is for the furtherance of educational purposes of SkillsUSA Wisconsin, as set forth in the SkillsUSA national policy as an officially chartered association.  The Wisconsin SkillsUSA Advisory Council is to provide counsel, advice, vision, direction, and assistance with the official(s) designated by the State Department of Education responsible for the administration of Technology and Engineering Education, known as the SkillsUSA Wisconsin Association Executive Director.

Steve Slack (Industry Representative)
E.K. Machine

Vice Chairperson
Kara Nania (Industry Representative)
The Foundation of the WATDA

Carrie Wilson-Smith (High School Advisor)
West Salem High School

Carla Carmody (High School Advisor)
River Valley High School

Tim Thieding (Middle School Advisor)
Clinton Middle School

Eric Radomski (CTE Administrator)
Milwaukee Public Schools

Bingo Emmons (Industry Representative)
Milwaukee NARI

Brent Kindred (DOE Representative)
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Vacant (Industry Representative)

Vacant (Administrator)