Oregon | 12-11-23 | District 4 Competition

Location: Oregon High School
Date: Monday, December 11th, 2023
Registration Cost:

Contestants – $20.00
Student Observers – $10.00
Advisors – $5.00

Registration closes: 11/28/23

Registration for contests and competitions takes place on the national registration site.
All schools are required to have at least one registered advisor/chaperone present with them on-site at the competition.

To help students prepare for competitions, advisors have access to the national technical standards documents for all competitions that advance to the national level. Technical standards documents can be accessed through the advisor’s professional membership benefits on the Absorb portal and then shared with the students. For competitions that are state-only, those technical standards can be found at the bottom of this page.

Click here to read the descriptions of SkillsUSA competitions. District, regional, and state competitions will be scaled-down versions, due to timing limitations, of what you read as the competition description and technical standards document as they are written for the multiple-day competition at the national level.

All students should bring a copy of their resume.

Opening Ceremony 
Contest Briefings
Contests Begin           
Keynote Speaker             
Closing Ceremony/Awards
4:15 p.m.
4:45 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
5:15 p.m.
Dinner will be served during the competitions.
7:15 p.m.
7:45 p.m.
8:30 p.m.
ContestTotal spots for middle school contestantsTotal spots for high school contestantsPer school maximumBe sure to review the technical standards document for information on how to prepare and what to bring. Some additional reminders are below.
Advertising Design012Students will use Adobe Photoshop on the host school computers.
Architectural Drafting012The host school has Revit. If you prefer a different software, bring your computer. Or, if your preferred software is web-based, you could use a host school computer and log into your preferred software on the web.
Automotive Service Technology012Bring safety glasses.
Cabinetmaking06Brine a tape measure, hammer, square, safety glasses, pencil, Phillips screwdriver, drill and Phillips driver, jig saw with a wood blade, 1/4” drill bit, and 3/8” countersink bit.
C02 Dragster1010Design your C02 dragster vehicle prior to the competition day.
Electronics Technology012
Facilithon – Leadership in Facility Management612
First Aid – CPR06Bring your CPR card or proof of certification along with a writing utensil.
Information Technology Services06All tools and materials will be supplied. You do not need to bring a computer.
Job Interview010You will be applying for a job found on Indeed or another online job posting website. Bring 6 copies of your resume. This resume should overview the skills and qualities for the job you are applying for. Click here for directions. Be prepared to answer the questions that are linked here. Complete the job application before arrival and bring it with you. As a reminder, be dressed in official SkillsUSA attire appropriate for this competition.
Job Skill Demonstration Open510
Photography010Prepare two of your own photos ahead of time. Matte them according to SkillsUSA technical standards. One of the photos should relate to the “SkillsUSA: No Limits” national theme and the other is of your own choice. Label the photos on the back of them according to the SkillsUSA technical standards. Bring a camera. Computers will be available to use Photoshop on-site. You will take a short test on photo terminology.
Power Equipment Technology010
Prepared Speech66SkillsUSA: No Limits is the topic to be addressed by competitors in the 2024 SkillsUSA Chapter Display, Prepared Speech, and Promotional Bulletin Board competitions.
Related Technical Math020
Robotics – Urban Search & Rescue4 teams of 28 teams of 2
Team Engineering Challenge15 teams of 325 teams of 3Bring supplies as outlined in the technical standards.
Technical Drafting820The host school has SOLIDWORKS. If you prefer a different software, bring your computer. Or, if your preferred software is web-based, you could use a host school computer and log into your preferred software on the web.
Welding013Bring a helmet (may be electronic), safety glasses (OSHA approved with z87.1 standard), soapstone and/or paint stick, combination square and tape measure, scribe or prick punch, chipping hammer, wire brush, and wire cutting tool (for GMAW wire electrode). Wear appropriate welding clothing (all leather shoes or boots, leather gloves appropriate for welding processes, welding leathers).
Welding Sculpture66
Woodworking Display66