Fall Leadership Conference

Essentials of Running a Successful SkillsUSA Chapter
October 22-23, 2017

Where: Chula Vista, Wisconsin Dells (2501 River Road, Wisconsin Dells)
October 22-23,2017
Registration Closes: October 6, 2017
Where to Register:
On the national website

Open to SkillsUSA Middle and High School members.  SkillsUSA Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) focuses on developing leadership, team building, and chapter man­agement skills. The conference has training tracks for students and advisors that teach the skills needed to be champions at work in both our communities and in our personal lives. Topic areas include:

1. Program of Work
Will be working on the seven foundations of POW: Professional development, Community service, Employment, Ways and means, SkillsUSA Championships, Public relations, and Social activities
2. SkillsUSA Framework
3. SkillsUSA Chapter Structure
Such as:  Chapter meetings, Develop a Chapter Program of Work Calendar for the year, Complete a projected budget that includes a list of planned income and expenses for the year

Registration Fee: $90 ea.
The conference registration will include all meals, snacks, All workshop and training materials, and SkillsUSA WI Leadership t-shirt.

Lodging: on-stie at the Chula Vista Resort
Rooms are in addition to the registration fee and will need to be booked separately by each chapter. Rooms are blocks under SkillsUSA WI. Rates are: $82/ single $99 for double, triple or quad. Water park passes are included in room cost.

To book your rooms call (855) 881-8280. Room block will close October 6th.

Meals: The conference package includes three meals and two snacks.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations deadline is October 21, 2016. No refund will be allowed.

Registration deadlines:
The registration online process is as follows:

  1. Substitutions may take place through arrival at conference.
  2. Payment is sent to:

Wisconsin Association of SkillsUSA, Inc
125 S Webster St

PO Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841

Tentative Agenda

Sunday, October 22  
1:30 pm       Opening Session
2:20 pm      Chapter Meeting 1 -Elect Chapter Officers
3:30 pm      Snack/Passing Period
3:35 pm       POW Session 1 – Why is SkillsUSA vital? Chapter Officers:  Briefing
Professional Development
4:20 pm      Break/Passing Period
4:30 pm       Chapter Meeting 2 – (Session 1 Debrief)
5:30 pm       General Session 1 – Community Service, Chapter Chant
6:15 pm        Dinner
7:00 pm       Break/Change
8:00 pm       Social

Monday, October 23
7:00 pm       Breakfast at Chula Vista

8:00 pm       Chapter Meeting 3 – Chapter Notebook Discussion
8:30 pm       General Session 2
9:30 pm        POW Session 2 – Employment
10:20 pm      Chapter Meeting 4 – Ways & Means
11:00 pm       Snack/Passing Period
11:05 pm       POW Session 3 – Share your SkillsUSA Story Public Relations
11:50 pm        Break/Change
12:15 pm        Chapter Meeting 5 – Chapter Notebook Finalization
1:30 pm         Closing Session (W/ Lunch)  – Championships