Chetek-Weyerhaeuser | 11-2-23 | District 1 Competition

Location: Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School
Date: Thursday, November 2nd, 2023
Registration Cost:

Contestants – $20.00
Student Observers – $10.00
Advisors – $5.00

Registration closes: 10/27/23

Registration for contests and competitions takes place on the national registration site.
All schools are required to have at least one registered advisor/chaperone present with them on-site at the competition.

To help students prepare for competitions, advisors have access to the national technical standards documents for all competitions that advance to the national level. Technical standards documents can be accessed through the advisor’s professional membership benefits on the Absorb portal and then shared with the students. For competitions that are state-only, those technical standards can be found at the bottom of this page.

Click here to read the descriptions of SkillsUSA competitions. District, regional, and state competitions will be scaled-down versions, due to timing limitations, of what you read as the competition description and technical standards document as they are written for the multiple-day competition at the national level.

All students should bring a copy of their resume.


Opening Ceremony 
Contests Begin           
Closing Ceremony/Awards

4:30 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
7:35 p.m.
8:00 p.m.
8:30 p.m.
ContestTotal spots for middle school contestantsTotal spots for high school contestantsPer school maximumBe sure to review the technical standards document for information on how to prepare and what to bring. Some additional reminders are below.
Extemporaneous Speaking: Contestants will be given a topic and they will have five minutes to prepare a speech that will be between three and five minutes. For a more detailed description, review the technical standards. This contest will be run similarly to how it is run at the national competition.46Contestants should bring a writing utensil and their resume.
First Aid – CPR: Contestants will be given examples of medical scenarios. They will need to simulate a response. They will also take a written test assessing basic first aid knowledge.06Contestants should bring a writing utensil and their resume.
Job Interview: Contestants will participate in a mock interview. For a more detailed description, review the technical standards. This contest will be run similarly to how it is run at the national competition.46Contestants should bring a pen and three copies of their resume.
Job Skill Demonstration Open: Contestants will have between five and seven minutes to perform a demonstration. They can demonstrate almost anything as long as they demonstrate as well and not just talk about it. For example: tying a knot, making a sandwich, or reading a micrometer. For a more detailed description, review the technical standards. This contest will be run similarly to how it is run at the national competition.46 2Contestants should bring the materials that are needed to perform the demonstration. They should also bring their resume.
Masonry: Contestants will construct a small project using brick and mortar.08 2Contestants should bring their own tools. At a minimum, they should bring a trowel, level (2ft. would be best), striker/jointer, brush, tape measure, and pencil. Other tools that would be helpful, but are not required, are a brick hammer, a brick ruler, and a framing square. Contestants should also bring their resume.
Precision Machining Technology: Contestants will be creating a small part using a manual lathe (Southbend or LaBlonde) and a manual mill (Bridgeport). All of the tooling will be provided. We use HSS lathe bits. Each station will have one sharpened HSS bit at its lathe.07 2Contestants may bring a second lathe bit if they choose. They should be familiar with how to sharpen it if needed. They should also bring their resume.
Related Technical Math: Contestants will take a math test.1520N/A Contestants may bring a standard calculator. The usage of a graphing calculator or phone will not be allowed. They should also bring a pencil and their resume.
Team Engineering Challenge: A team of three contestants will work together to complete a task using simple materials such as paper, string, sticks, tape, etc. All of these materials will be provided. Whichever group works best to solve the problem wins.8 teams16 teams 2 middle school teams and 2 high school teams per schoolEach team should bring a small toolbox with tools that they may want to use such as pencils, scissors, rulers, etc. Each group member should also bring their resume.
Technical Drafting: Contestants will be given a print with a series of parts. They will need to create a 3D model of the parts and then convert that model into 2D prints. The prints may include orthographic, isometric, detailed, and assembly views. The prints should be fully dimensioned using ANSI standards. They should also be able to convert the prints to PDF format for judging.022 N/AContestants need to bring their own laptops with the CAD software of their choice installed. Be sure that the laptop is tested to make sure that the software will work off of their own school network. They should also bring their resume.
Welding: Contestants will be taking a written test on welding fundamentals. They will also be producing a finished weldment using the SMAW and GMAW processes. Contestants should be comfortable welding with 6010 and 7018 electrodes as well as short circuit GMAW with .035 wire and 75/25 gas. There will be at least one vertical weld. The print will be fairly simple. It will not be sent out ahead of time but it will be reviewed during the orientation. The written test may contain some print reading questions. The host school has Miller Syncrowave 200s, Miller Dynasty 210s, Millermatic 252, 255, and 350p machines. Contestants will draw numbers to determine which machine they will use and the host will make sure the contestant knows how to run everything.0203Contestants should also bring their resume.